Citroën Nemo Concetto Van Swims into Bologna

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What better way to show off the maneuverability and spirit of your mini-minivan than painting it like a clown fish? This Nemo-ized and Disney-fied version of the Fiat/Peugeot-Citroën compact van will be enticing eight-year-olds in the market for a new van at the Bologna Motor Show this year with its aquatic interior. While it's a bit cheesy, it's hard to not appreciate any vehicle that comes with its own portholes. At the very least, we hope this will make up for any primate-theme Aztech nightmares some of you might have had to endure last night. Press release below the jump,


Nemo Concetto illustrates the astonishing closeness between the Citroën Nemo and its clown fish homonym.


Like the fish, Nemo Concetto can be considered as "small" among its peers. However, its size is an asset, since it is able to nip in and out of traffic easily.

In a world where it would be tempting to think that bigger is better, Nemo Concetto combines intelligent design with compact exterior dimensions and interior space. It shows that intelligence is the most important asset, whatever the environment.

Nemo Concetto does not claim to be what it is not. It clearly states its identity with a new take on conventional automotive cues. Resembling a small truck with fun looks, bright colours and unrestrained humour, Nemo Concetto is a rich mix with overwhelming appeal.

Like the clown fish, Nemo Concetto has irresistible personality and looks.

Nemo Concetto reflects Citroën's constantly renewed capacity to design vehicles with character, vehicles that adapt to the lifestyles and world of their owners... like fish in water![Citroen via WorldCarFans]

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Did Disney really license this? I can only assume they did, since they ordinarly waste no time trying to crush anyone treading on their trademarks or copyrights.

I, for one, cannot wait to see the Hummer H1 Mr. Incredible Edition. "Resplendent in its distinctive red, yellow and black paint scheme, it's old-fashioned and out of shape, but strong enough to simply plow through anything in its path!"