Chris Harris Checks Out The Hypercars Of Geneva And Tackles The E63 AMG

Tons of journalists are at the Geneva Motor Show eyeballing all the hypercars that were unveiled there, but I'm especially glad to see this report from Drive's Chris Harris. Why? Because at some point, I want to see videos of him getting sideways in all of these cars, if he can manage it.

Chris takes a look at all of the major debuts at Geneva, including the McLaren P1, the Lamborghini Veneno, and LaFerrari. It's kind of weird to see him in something other than a car he's hooning, walking around like some normal person. I guess he's human after all.


Fortunately, there is some hoonage involved here, as he tests the latest E63 AMG. He seems really impressed with it.

Which of the Geneva cars do you want to see Drive review? I'd go with the Veneno myself, but good luck getting your hands on one.

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