Chinese-Built Brilliance BS4 Scores Zero Stars In Euro Crash Test

The Brilliance BS4 might look like an MG copy-paste-job, but there's a key distinction. The BS4, like the BS6 before it, has scored zero stars in Euro NCAP crash testing. Yup, here come the Chinese!


In a virtually unprecedented tag-team of failure, the BS4 has followed the bigger BS6 in completely failing the Euro NCAP crash test standards. Mangled wreck after mangled wreck at Germany's ADAC testing facilities illustrates why it is the Chinese, or at least Brilliance, won't be storming the shores of Europe any time soon. Okay, okay, the BS4 is considerably better at maintaining the passenger envelope compared to the BS6, but that car folded up like a umbrella, so that doesn't say much. These results seem to indicate the previous BS4 crash we saw, where the occupants survived, was indeed an act of divine intervention. [via Autoblog]


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That's enough crushed and mangled metal to make César Baldaccini proud.

It's almost as if the manufacturers of this car don't perform any in-house crash testing.

I can't imagine they did a test like this, said " should be fine," and then put it on sale as-is.