Chevy's Hilarious Video Series Will Help You Find Your Inner 'Truck Guy'

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A little irreverence is exactly what truck marketing has been missing, and GM's new videos shilling the 2015 Chevy Colorado do a perfect job acknowledging the silliness of truck ownership while making it sound undeniably appealing.

Two days of "focus group testing" led them to the conclusion that truck guys are "85% more handsome, 76% more resourceful, 100% more likely to have an awesome pet." Who's gonna argue with results like that?


There are three videos so far, all are pretty much hilarious:

1. In which "men with beards," "single women," "kids," and other random groups of individuals decide a Truck Guy might have a pet like a timberwolf husky, while somebody in a compact sedan would go home and be lame:

2. Where they prank grocery store shoppers and find out people will actually buy "Truck Guy" deodorant:

3. Where they reckon "Outdoorsy Guys Get More Girls," and prove it by giving Edward Snowden's cousin here some pictures with a truck for his online dating profile and raking in the page views:

GM's mission to sell the 2015 Colorado revolves around getting "non-truck people" to buy trucks. It feels like they started their marketing meeting trying to figure out how to sellthe idea of; "You Know You Want A Truck," then just went ahead and ran with that. Brilliant.

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