Chevrolet Has Totally Embraced 'World Series Chevy Guy'

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Chevy Rep Rikk Wilde was a little nervous presenting the World Series MVP award on Wednesday, stammering through a slogan for the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado he made up on the spot; "technology and stuff." But after the phrase and #ChevyGuy started trending on Twitter, the company went ahead and ran with it.


Here's the hilariously awkward "speech"/sales pitch as delivered by Wilde. Of course, he got the last laugh because he couldn't have done a better job accomplishing his objective: get people talking about Chevy.

The company was quick to jump on the social media momentum and has since thrown "#TechnologyAndStuff" right on the main page for the 2015 Colorado. Right under the similarly un-subtle; "YOU KNOW YOU WANT A TRUCK."

Screengrab 10/30/14

Chevy took a great opportunity to ride the news and at least look like they don't take themselves too seriously, which as far as I'm concerned makes the company a lot more likable.


Can't really blame the Wilde for sounding like a doofus anyway, being cool on camera is always harder than it looks and standing next to superstar Madison Bumgarner must have made the moment even more stressful.


But a hat tip to Wilde for taking it in stride, and to Chevy for making the most of his performance.

Image by the author with graphics from Chevrolet & Fox

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