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Chevy Will Take Sheet Off New Colorado Small Pickup At LA Auto Show

Illustration for article titled Chevy Will Take Sheet Off New Colorado Small Pickup At LA Auto Show

American car companies are slowly but surely caving in to my constant goading and starting to make smaller trucks. Not much smaller, sadly, but it's a start. Like Chevy's new midsize Colorado, which will be unveiled at the LA Auto Show.


The international-platform'd truck has been online before, but just going on Chevy's press photo, we can see that the truck will have a at least two headlights capable of penetrating grey satin, and a generally truck-like shape. Size-wise, it is a bit smaller than their full-size offerings, with a relatively low greenhouse and high beltline.


If for some reason you want to watch the reveal live, Chevy's thoughtfully provided a video link over aweek or so in advance, so you can keep it up on your monitor at all times to guarantee you won't miss a thrilling second of sheet-pulling-off-truck action.

We'll cover the truck in full when the LA Auto Show comes around, and I'll probably try to get Chevy to loan me one. I have a lot of crap in my driveway that needs hauling away, after all.

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It cracks me up when people on Jalopnik want a Ute or a midsize truck, when there's an awesome Ute/midsize truck for sale right now.