Chevy Trax Or Groove Subcompact Coming To US In 2011

Even though the 2009 Chevy Beat won't be offered Stateside, we will be getting one of the GM minicar concepts in 2011. While the company isn't saying which vehicle it'll be, our minicar won't be quite so mini, in part to meet US crash regulations and in part to fit our super-sized derrieres.


Speaking to Automotive News, Chevrolet's Vice President, Ed Pepper, said, ""Of the triplets, we will get one of those variants." But he wouldn't reveal which one.

The 2009 Beat will be produced in China for sale in Asia and Europe, but has been deemed too small for the US market. When the Trax or Groove (or whatever they end up calling it) finds its way here, it'll be expanded to the size of the Chevy Aveo, forming that model's replacement. It'll be built on GM's Gamma small car platform in Mexico.

Jalopnik Snap Judgment: GM is in desperate need of a sexy replacement for the Aveo, so it's a shame we'll have to wait 3 whole years to get one. Let's hope that in that time, small cars don't experience yet another exponential leap in quality and appeal, rendering GM's effort behind the curve before it even reaches market. Again.
[via: Automotive News]

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