Chevrolet SS Manual Transmission, Magnetic Ride Confirmed In Order Guide

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Way back in April, we learned from Motor Trend's Jonny Lieberman that America's modern-day answer to the E39 BMW M5, the Chevrolet SS, was upping its game by adding a manual transmission and a Magnetic Ride suspension. After that, we never got official confirmation from General Motors. Until now!

Jalopnik reader Captain Spadaro pointed out that GM's online Fleet Order guide now has a listing for the 2015 SS, and wouldn't you know that it lists a manual gearbox and Magnetic Ride as options. Huzzah!


That's awesome news. The addition of a manual and GM's top shelf suspension system just made an outstanding sport sedan even better. I just feel bad for all the people who bought a 2014 SS who are stuck with the slushbox.


At first glance sales numbers for the SS don't seem that impressive, with the company only moving about 200 to 300 a month. But GM has said they've always intended it to be a niche, limited-production model, and if they sold 2,000 a year they'd consider it successful.

Maybe the manual will help with that.

Update: I missed this earlier, but as many of you have pointed out the 2015 SS comes in a bunch of new colors, some of which have really kickass names. Alchemy Purple FTW!