Chevrolet Could Make A Stripped-Down Corvette Z06X For The Track

Not many people saw the new 2015 Corvette Z06 — a car that looks like it could be classified as a weapon of mass destruction in certain countries — and thought "Maybe it's not hardcore enough." It turns out some people did, and they work at Chevrolet.


At the Detroit Auto Show this week, Corvette product manager Harlan Charles told Car and Driver that his team wants to make a stripped-down, race-spec version of the Z06. This car would stand alone from the new C7.R Corvette destined for the Tudor United Sports Car Championship.

Here's what Charles said:

"The idea was a non-street-legal, factory-built track car, and that is something that we are considering would be a great thing to apply to the new Corvette Z06," Charles said. "I mean that's something we could see in the future. We've got a lot of ideas, but nothing to show today, unfortunately."

The idea he refers to is the 2010 Corvette Z06X concept, pictured above. That car was a Z06 with the Z07 package, a roll cage, lots of carbon fiber, an adjustable suspension, racing wheels and other fun track toys.


That car never saw production, but it sounds like this team really wants to make a C7 Z06X for race track dominance. And as Car and Driver points out, that would look good alongside the Camaro Z/28, itself a first-rate track-going land missile.


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