'Celebrity Brain Crash' Axed On The Grand Tour Season 2

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The time are changing on Amazon Prime’s The Grand Tour. We learned that the tent will no longer travel, The American (Mike Skinner) has been cut and now it seems like Celebrity Brain Crash is no more, either. So much change coming at me so fast!

In a new promotional video for the show’s second season (which will air on Dec. 8), Jeremy Clarkson confirms that Amazon has decided to do away with Celebrity Brain Crash, the celebrity portion of the show where every celebrity was killed and thus unable to come on.

Simultaneously, it seems like Amazon still wants to keep some kind of celebrity segment, so the format will see some adjustments. Per the video, Clarkson has sawed off the back end of an Alfa Romeo and will make people drive around in it. It’s kind of like skid-plate racing!


If this segment goes how I think it will go, I’m actually pretty excited. It reminds me of the old Top Gear Reliant Robin episode, which had me wheezing on the floor because I was laughing so hard.

And thank God for Amazon killing Celebrity Brain Crash. Really. I found it funny maybe the first two times, but after that it just got so awkward, staged and lame. I think it might have been the three of them trolling the celebrity segment on old Top Gear, but who knows. I wouldn’t put it past them.

So! No more dying celebrities, unless they die horrifically while trying to operate half an Alfa Romeo.

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I’m glad they’re doing away with Celebrity Brain Crash and The American. They both got extremely old and repetitive after the first two episodes and to be honest I never liked Star In A Reasonably Priced Car either. I almost always skipped it because it felt like a filler to make the show longer.