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The Grand Tour: Season 2 Launches Dec. 8 And Here's The New Trailer

Season one of The Grand Tour had its highs and its lows, but in the end it mostly delivered on what we all wanted without taking too many radical risks with the formula: Clarkson, Hammond and May doing stuff in cars for our amusement. It’s coming back in a month and here’s what we can expect.


Amazon today announced that season two of The Grand Tour will drop exclusively on the Amazon Prime streaming service on Dec. 8. Here’s the trailer:

Looks like we can expect some supercar tests, the new Bugatti Chiron, what looks like some kind of ridiculous Mercedes wagon vs. Nissan truck vs. motorcycle overland race, a flying Jaguar, and a lot more. Amazon says the new season covers Croatia, Mozambique, Dubai, Spain, Switzerland, Colorado and New York, even if the tent is gone.


For one, I’m excited for season two. There was a lot of stuff I generally liked (excellent cinematography, the guys, the cars) and some stuff I thought was a swing and a miss (the military raid episode, the dead celebrities, Mike Skinner The American.) But the first season of any TV show is a chance to experiment, try stuff, and see what works and what doesn’t so you really know what to do for next time. Ask me how I know this.

Will you tune in on Dec. 8?

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There better be a Ford GT in this season. Also yes of course I will watch. Those 3 are like pizza. Even if it’s not the best’s still better than not having pizza. And let’s be honest, if they had never left Top Gear, and changed to The Grand Tour format...almost no one would notice (except of course Jalopnik readers...and one might question why I’m commenting here...answer...I’m dumb).

Celebrity brain crash or whatever is terrible...granted. But so were a bunch of the Top Gear interviews. At least celebrity brain crash is quick. The interviews ate up lots of show time...which sucked when the celebrity sucked.