Is there anything cooler than watching a low line of LED taillights scream past and fade into the night? Jalopnik readers don't think so. They've picked out the cars that look the absolute coolest in the dark.

Welcome back to Answers of the Day — our daily Jalopnik feature where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's Question of the Day and shine it up to show off. It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Audi


10.) Audi R8

The car that really got everyone obsessed. The R8 is the night signature benchmark. Its LED strips front and rear still look awesome at night.

Suggested By: racer_147, Photo Credit: saikofish


9.) BMW E39

Before there were Audi LEDs, there was BMW's ‘Angel Eyes.' Every time you see them pass, you wonder if you just saw an M5.


Suggested By: eM, Photo Credit: Luxxian Flair


8.) Every New Aston

The wide, graceful fan out at the rear is the trademark Aston look. Coupled with their low, sharp headlights, all new A-M cars are great at night.

Suggested By: SennaMP4, Photo Credit: Aston Martin


7.) Old American Land Yachts

Because chrome.

Suggested By: PilotMan, Photo Credit: yaggi.san


6.) Nissan GT-R

Nothing beats quad rounds at the back. The GT-R does them as well as anyone.

Suggested By: JJohn, Photo Credit: Shinichi Higashi


5.) Cop Cars

Any self-declared car nut can spot a Crown Vic from half a mile away.

Suggested By: Louis_C/K, Photo Credit: Justin Norman


4.) Rally Cars

The exhausts glow with anti-lag (though not on this N/A Porsche). The front ends glow with huge round headlight arrays. Excuse us while we drool.


Suggested By: plak424, Photo Credit: Xabier Martínez


3.) The New Dodge Charger

The current-gen Charger wins in the ‘best affordable car' category. They make them into cop cars, too.

Suggested By: For Sweden, Photo Credit: Chrysler


2.) Lamborghini Aventador

The best street car of all, though, is the Aventador. The LED three-point stars front and rear are complimented by the occasional burst of flames from the exhaust.


Suggested By: SennaMP4, Photo Credit: Tom Wolf


1.) Modern Prototype Racecars

Razor-thin LED strips at the rear. Powerful projector beams up front. Glowing brake discs at every corner and flames on the overrun. There is nothing better.

Suggested By: StreetsideStig, Photo Credit: Zerin Dube/Speed Sport Life