Carlos Ghosn's 'Pink' Mansion Is Not Pink Enough

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Former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn is a big topic currently, considering that he escaped from Japan to Lebanon while on house arrest and has an Interpol red notice out for him. But there’s one thing people aren’t talking enough about, and that’s how Ghosn’s Lebanese home is being described as “pink” when it is absolutely not pink enough.


Ghosn fled house arrest last month after being arrested in November 2018 on allegations of financial misconduct by his former employer, Nissan. The Japan Times reported soon after that Ghosn was said to be in a pink mansion in the Lebanese capital of Beirut, which the Wall Street Journal wrote, citing unnamed sources, that Nissan had bought and renovated for him while he worked there.

It’s basically just all one big own by Ghosn. But we’re not talking about that right now—we’re talking about this whole “pink mansion” moniker, which is all over the place.

When I first read that Ghosn was in a pink mansion Nissan had probably paid for, I imagined this man in the equivalent of a life-size Barbie mansion. I saw thousands of bricks painted Fixer Upper style but in chalky hot pink instead of white, and a unicorn fountain spitting water in the front yard. I saw elegant landscaping dotted with pink flowers and kept up daily by a robust staff, and a pink staircase leading up to the 20-foot double door on the front of the house. I saw pink gates lining the property with guards dressed in pink, ruffly outfits, and maybe an immaculately shaved pink Poodle to match.

I saw every pink dollhouse listed for sale on the internet, thrown into a blender and jumbo sized for a wealthy international fugitive. Like this, but less juvenile:

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Instead, I got this:

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That, everyone, is absolutely not pink enough to be Carlos Ghosn’s now-famous “pink mansion.” That’s the kind of tasteful pink you see on a beach house or in a historic district, not the kind of pink you associate with pink.

And I, for one, am disappointed.

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Stef Schrader

I like this breezy pink and blue. They’re very Puffalumpy as far as colors go.

(Puffalump-covered, Puffalump-themed Type 3 dressed up as a giant Puffalump bunny shown in the bizarrely rare case that someone here has not heard of a Puffalump before.)