'Car thongs' are the new 'truck nutz'

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We've just learned that Harry Balz Novelties, the world's largest supplier of auto floor mats, spinners and off-brand feminine hygiene napkins, will finally shift their massive manufacturing might from 'Truck Nutz' — the most profitable product in the company's history.


Yes, we're told that thanks to crossovers being the latest automotive "It" girl form factor — "Car thongs" are the now the new 'truck nutz.' Yup, you heard it here first.

Shown here last year during a final pre-production fitting on a camo'd Subaru Impreza, the pink panties are designed to be the more feminine way for drivers of crossovers, station wagons, and minivans to — like Sears — subtly show their softer side. Sales projections are said to correlate strongly with "Desperate Housewives" viewership, and a Kim Kardashian endorsement is reportedly in the works.

Expect them to drop soon in the new ladies section of your local AutoZone.

(Hat tip to $kaycog!)


Ash78, voting early and often

Wait, you mean creating a new logo for everything in pink wasn't enough to announce "Hey, I'm a chick?"

How about those rear window monograms? Those are extremely popular around here. And IMO, way, way douchey. Always a chick.

Look, lady, if I want to know the gender of the car's driver, I'll do it the old fashioned way: By counting the dents and scratches.