Car Connected To California Murder Found Near Seattle Airport, Suspects In Custody

On Monday, we brought you the tragic story of Susie Ko, the 55-year-old mother of four found slain in her Hercules, Cal. home. The only information police and Ko's family seemingly had to go on was the fact a 2011 Subaru Outback was missing from the scene.


They got some welcomed news last night as the vehicle was found near Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Arrested there was what the L.A. Times dubbed a "couple on [a] crime spree."

Per the San Francisco Chronicle...

A man wanted for breaking out of jail in Southern California and allegedly trying to kill a Los Angeles County deputy sheriff was arrested Wednesday with his wife in Seattle while driving a car stolen from a Hercules woman slain in her home last week, authorities said.

Darnell Washington, 24, and his wife, Tania Washington, 25, are being held on suspicion of possessing a stolen car. So far, they have not been implicated in the killing of Susie Ko, 55, Hercules police said.

"Our detectives are going to be en route to talk to them," said Officer Connie Van Putten, a Hercules police spokeswoman.


This story broke last night. There hasn't been an investigative update as of 8 a.m. eastern. But, the Ko family is, as expected, relieved that they may not have to worry about their mother's alleged killer(s) being free. On the website they created to take the search viral, they dubbed the news "a big milestone."

We're so relieved that the police have recovered the family car and have made an arrest. It's a welcomed breakthrough since our Mommy's murder.

We believe that your thoughts and prayers have made a difference. Your comments and words of support have helped our family get through this difficult time, and this is yet another big milestone on our way to healing.

We realize there is quite a bit of work left to do for the police, but would like to thank the Hercules Police Department and FBI for all the great work that they have done so far. Now we can take an evening to reflect, have a family dinner, and remember Susie Ko.

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