Can A New 911 Be Worth $700,000?

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The most expensive 911 Porsche will sell you in the UK right now is the Turbo S, which starts at £142K ($214K). Registering a Singer 911 on the islands costs three times as much. Is that crazy for a modern 911?


I’m an absolute fan of Rob Dickinson’s Singer Vehicle Design, but I’m also with you if you’re a bit fed up with the hype surrounding Porsches nowadays. The fact is that the world went absolutely crazy for 911s in the last few years, and Stuttgart is fully onboard with that, fueling the trend by making sure to produce less of their special editions than the market would buy up.

And who wouldn’t want a new RS? Not only is it a very good car, but also a future collectible. When a 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 RS Lightweight goes for $1,402,500 at auction, it certainly makes people want to buy anything with four wheels and an RS badge.

Singer’s 911s are pretty special, and the price becomes irrelevant when we talk about a car that took years to develop and 4,000 hours to build by hand. Yet for almost $700,000, I wonder if I would rather buy a nice 911 from each period of the car’s 52 year history.

I guess that would depend on the size of my garage.

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That is absurd for a 911. I get the whole “bespokeness” of it. I get the work that went into it and the uniqueness. It’s a pretty car. I appreciate it from that standpoint. However, there is no damn way that thing is worth $700,000. It reminds me of that E-Type thing Clarkson drove, Eagle something or other. Neat concept, it’s beautiful, and completely overpriced (like over million I think). It just doesn’t make sense to me when you can buy a used Turbo that will eat the Singer alive. Then again, I’m not fond of Porsches. I never have been. I’m part of that blasphemous group that only really likes them when they’re all 80’s coked out.