Cajun E30 Bashes Wall 200 Feet Into Race, Gets Field Expedient Frame Straightening

In past races, those Cajun chefs have been more proficient with the seasonings than with the steering wheel. Black flags aplenty! Not this time, though— we started the day with their two E30s in the top ten. Then, disaster!


Yesterday, the Team Who Dat! Shrimp & Boots 325e racked up a mere two black flags all day. Looking good!

This morning, however, the Shrimp & Boots driver— no doubt battling a tremendous crawfish-feast hangover— lost control on the wet track surface and T-boned the wall... about 5 seconds after entering the track for transponder test laps. A huge cheer broke out from the spectators!


Naturally, the driver received a standing ovation from the occupants of the Piranha Rentals/Shrimp & Boots compound upon his glorious return on a flatbed trailer.


There's a reason they call this place No Problem Raceway; chaining the now-bent E30 between a couple of F-150s, the crew from Chauvin used muscle, shouted French profanities, and a chain hoist to straighten the car's bent frame. Back on the track!

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