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Cadillac Kills Planned Acura MDX Rival So You'll Buy A Buick Instead

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Those families waiting for Cadillac dealers to sell some three-row SUV that isn't an Escalade are going to be disappointed and directed to buy a Buick Enclave instead. Reports from GM now say a three-row Cadillac crossover, to do battle with the popular Acura MDX, is dead.

According to Wards Auto's sources, the Lambda-based Cadillac was supposed to be due around 2017. But that won't happen now, for fear it would take business away from Buick-GMC dealers which sell the upscale Acadia and even-upscaler Enclave three-rows. If you have to have a Cadillac SUV, they'd like to direct you to the 2015 Escalade and its ever-increasing price tag.


The idea behind the three-row Cadillac crossover was a good one. Acura does solid business with the MDX, as does Nissan Pathfinder-based Infiniti QX60. Even though they make the massively successful sleeping pill RX, Lexus is likely to release a three-row crossover soon.


But the Enclave is already positioned as an Acura/Lexus rival, so this is a wise move. Make the next Enclave a little more posh and powerful and you could probably argue its case against an Audi Q7. This shows great rebadging constraint by GM.

That is, until you find out Ward's sources also claim a Cadillac to rival tiny premium SUVs is reportedly in the works. Isn't that what the itsy bitsy Buick Encore was for?

Still, what would really be cool is a crossover based on the new CTS, similar to the first-generation SRX. I know, that old one didn't sell. But, but... twin-turbo V6...


Photo: Cadillac