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As Lexus enters the small crossover market with the pointy Lexus NX, its bosses are looking at the opposite end of the spectrum with a 7-seat crossover called the Texas, I mean, the TX. Which is also totally not very similar to a porn star's name at all.

Well, it might not end up being called the TX when it eventually goes into production (we'll probably keep calling it that), but Toyota has applied for a trademark for the name as Automotive News reports. There is still some debate within the company as to what platform the Texas will ride on–either the Toyota Highlander's FWD platform that the current RX350 shares or, the Lexus IS/GS RWD platform.


What isn't under debate, however, is that Lexus dealers desperately want a three row crossover, even if it impedes on sales of the popular RX, which moved 103,920 units last year – more than any other Lexus model. Quoted in Automotive News Lexus Division cheif Jeff Bracken says that "Third-row seating is the No. 1 issue we hear from dealers," and that the Texas is a "35,000-units-a-year opportunity."

You might be thinking at this point "doesn't Lexus already offer a 7-seater though?" Yes, two in fact: the angry lookin' GX 460 and the LX 570, but both of those are more truck-like body-on-frame SUVs. The Texas wouldn't replace the GX 460, though, because despite its comparatively lower sales it's still highly profitable.


Regardless if the Texas ends up being an embiggened RX 350 or an entirely new model, it should be quite a hit for Lexus.

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