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Cadillac Is Sure There'll Be Plenty of CT6s Hanging Around Dealer Lots For You To Buy, Have No Fear

Photos: Cadillac
Photos: Cadillac

Cadillac CT6, the would-be flagship that somehow never managed to upstage the Escalade, will end U.S. production early next year. But have no fear, Cadillac wants you to know, you should have no problem finding one on dealer lots. Hm.


I wrote Cadillac to get confirmation of the whole CT6 range coming to a close, not just the CT6 Hybrid, as we had already known. Cadillac quickly let me know that, yes, the CT6 as a whole is coming to a close here in America, but with two caveats: Chinese production and sales will continue, and though the CT6 will die in America, it will go out with V8 glory.


“Our plans to introduce the V-Series and Blackwing V-8 aren’t impacted by today’s news,” Cadillac wrote. “The CT6 will continue to be built in China for that market.“

I wanted to be extra sure about that wording so I asked a follow-up. American buyers won’t be getting any more CT6s after production ends, right?

“We expect to have good customer availability of the CT6 in North American for most if not all of 2019,” Cadillac wrote back, “even with the car ending production at Detroit-Hamtramck mid-year.”


Basically, Cadillac wants you to know there should be plenty of unused CT6s hanging around all year long, should you want one.

Illustration for article titled Cadillac Is Sure Therell Be Plenty of CT6s Hanging Around Dealer Lots For You To Buy, Have No Fear

Anybody keeping any eye on oddly good CT6 sales will tell you this is a bummer but not exactly a shock given how hard everything is getting hit across GM. Still, it’s funny to hear coming from Cadillac itself.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Is anyone else starting to get a defeatist vibe from US Automakers?

“Welp we can’t make cars that compete in this segment, might as well pull out. Why bother making something when some one will just make a better/flashier version in a year?”

It’s kind of sad, and the fact that people will just spout “but profits! That’s a business’ job!” as if that’s all that matters anymore, just makes it somehow worse.