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Want a car in Shanghai, but don't want to pay as much as $15,000 U.S. for a license plate? Then you need a Tesla Model S, friend!


Tesla announced in their Q1 earnings report that the government of Shanghai has agreed to waive the normal public auction process involved with acquiring a license plate there, one that comes with a price tag as expensive as a new car itself.


Shanghai is one of four Chinese cities that limit car purchases by putting quotas on new registrations as part of an attempt to stem traffic and pollution. Apparently, they have no problem with the zero emission Tesla Model S, which could serve as a boost to the company as they seek to aggressively expand both sales and charging station infrastructure in China. The same goes for other electric auto manufacturers.

Personally, I think Tesla is poised to do well in China if they can get the stations up and running. Electric cars would suit the lifestyles of a lot of city dwellers, plus it's a sexy and luxurious Western brand, which they love.

But if buyers want a free plate with their shiny new Model S, they need to act now. As our friends at Car News China report, the exemption is valid only for 3,000 cars per automaker. After that, Tesla may have to go back and ask for more.

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