Build Your Own Heat-Signature NASCAR Truck

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Remember Nelson Piquet Jr's NASCAR art truck painted by Death Spray Custom? Now you can build your own out of paper.


The truck came together as a collaboration between the driver, his sponsor Alpinestars and Death Spray, resulting in the striking, distinctive block design modeled after an IR heat signature.


Nelson ended up crashing in that Charlotte, NC NASCAR race, but somehow the night's darkness and the sparks just made his truck all the more vibrant.

You can download the paper model PDF here. The heavier the paper used, the better.

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I'm only interested if they actually make them haul a load while racing. It's supposed to be a pick up, they should at least give a nod toward how they really get used. Everybody starts out with either a double-wide worth of furniture loosely tied into the bed with twine or two full-sized round bales of alfalfa hay (one wedged in the bed, one on a hydraulic spike mounted off the rear bumper.) As the race goes on and the rules of civilized racing are broken (come on, you know these pecker-woods aren't going to be able to really race; it's freaking NASCAR's C or D team...) penalties are assessed: everything from an extra vinyl sectional sofa and 80" rear projection TV to an acre's worth of sod will have to be piled into the bed and atop the roof or even the hood. Truly egregious infractions will lead to trailers being added; starting with a Mexican lawn-ninja hauler full of bagged grass, zero-radius riding mowers and a baker's dozen of 2 stroke leaf blowers, up to a 5th wheel with a broken down 84 Chevy Suburban HUNTIN' WAGON with over-sized mud tires, spray-bomb camo and a tuff-shed screwed onto the roof plus gutted deer carcasses strapped to the hood. To balance things out, appropriate racing behavior can be rewarded with performance add-ons such as rear-window rifle racks, full width bench seats, neckin' knobs and "Oakley" stickers. Trophies will be as follows:

3rd: 1/2 gallon "Travel Mug" coffee cup from Kum-N-Go Convenience Stores

2nd: naked-chick mud-guards

1st: Silver plated Bumper Nuts