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Nelson Piquet Jr. will be running this new livery in the NASCAR Truck race in Charlotte, NC this weekend. Created by UK-based artist Death Spray Custom, the unique livery is a shocking foray into credible design for the popular race series.


"I'm used to the usual boring stuff from race car design," Nelson told us yesterday morning. "It's always interesting to get something different looking."

"Obviously the NASCAR fans are going to find this a bit different at first," the former F1 driver continues. "But I think the look is so strong that they're going to love it."


[gallery 5911078] "I left it all to Death Spray. At first, NASCAR didn't approve it because they require designs to be completely symmetrical side-to-side, but we went back for some tweaks and now it's good."

"I think it's a different look obviously. Something not many have done in this industry. I always like doing something outside of the box and I've always tried to do that with Alpinestars. I'm sure it will grab the fans attention."

"To me, it's like a carnival in Brazil. A lot of different colors together and each represents something different," finishes the Brazilian driver. "It's so bright and colorful, it just brings up a lot of memories."

A commemorative t-shirt and paper craft model will go on sale to show off the "Heat Signature" truck, which was inspiration by thermal images and movement.


"As an artist, I am drawn to transportation and sport," Death Spray stated. "One of my main themes is the subject of mobility through all vehicles, as well as the way we interact with brands. To see one of my creations adorning a Nascar Tuck is a great opportunity."

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