It's like, so brown. How much more brown could it be? None, none more brown. Meet the latest addition to the Bugatti Legend Series, the Rembrandt.

This newest Veyron is, of course, a special edition. In fact, it's probably illegal for Bugatti to make a new Veyron without calling it a special edition. At this rate, they're all so special that none of them are special.

This is part of the "Legend Series," which honors members of the Bugatti family. Rembrandt is the Bugatti who came up with their hood ornament (#themoreyouknow).

This Rembrandt Bugatti edition is based on the Grand Sport Vitesse, which means this is the fastest brown roadster in the world with 1,200 horsepower and a top speed of 254 MPH.

And when I say brown, I mean brown. Literally every single piece of this car that isn't metal is brown. It's like living at a Wilson's House of Leather. If they only sold brown leather items. Because, y'know, this thing is brown.

If you want it, you'll need $3 million. Thing is, there are already 40 cars just sitting unsold. I bet you could get this down to $2.5 million easy peasy.

What a steal.