Brothels Used As Hotels For Korean Grand Prix

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Formula 1 booked journalists and even teams into Korea's famous "love hotel" rooms for this weekend's Korean Grand Prix. Some are complaining of used condoms under their beds and dildo-vending machines.

A shortage of rooms for the already dicey Korean Grand Prix has forced teams to stay in brothels — dubbed "love hotels" — for the week. Apparently, the staff is so used to people only staying for an hour that they're still letting out rooms to Johns (or Jungs, maybe?).


We'll let a photographer for Sutton Images explain:

"After a ten-hour flight to Seoul, a first class train journey to Mokpo and a quick taxi ride to our 'Love Hotel', we've arrived. The accommodation is a bit bizarre and there are easily 30 of these 'Love Hotels' in the area - the one down the road is called the Hotel Feel, but we steered clear of that. Ours, The Washington, is actually very nice. It's still a 'Love Hotel' but it's clean, has a 42" TV and free internet access."


They're lucky, the Red Bull team is apparently in a hotel with dildo-vending machines in the lobby. Here (NSFW) is a pic of what they're talking about.

Also noted, no complaints yet from Max Mosley. (Hat tip to Roberto G.!)


Photo Credit: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images