Breaking! Prez Bush Sez Not Snubbing Big Three, But No Meeting's Planned

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This meeting's supposed to have happened since April, but for some reason the President just can't seem to make time for three of the nation's largest employers. Yes, he had time for a ten-day brush-clearing vacay down in Texas — but hey, some things have to take priority, right? Tony Snow was asked a question on it by Deb Price of the Detroit News in the press scrum whether Bush was "snubbing" the Big Three — and his response was:

"The president is not snubbing the Big Three — they're an important part of the American economy...It's not yet back on the schedule...this has been the most benighted event I've ever seen in my life because it's ended up getting swamped by events on a number of occasions. In one case one of participants prematurely announced something that hadn't fully been put in place...I have no earthly idea [when the meeting will be held.]"

Right, Bush isn't snubbing them — he's just not meeting with them. But that's like totally different. And remember what GM CEO Rick Wagoner said up at Traverse City last weekend, about how the federal government could be doing a better job of working with the automakers? Yeah — if "better job" is the same thing as "not even talking to", then yeah — heckuva job there, Bushie!

President 'not snubbing the Big Three,' wants meeting [Detroit News]

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When our domestic automakers stand up, we'll...cut n' run? ;)