Brava, Gremlin, Trio Of Air-Cooled VWs Gird For Next Weekend's Battle: Yeehaw It's Texas LeMons!

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Remember the Fiat Brava? Those lucky enough to be at the Yeehaw It's Texas 24 Hours Of LeMons will get to see a Brava take on a Karmann-Ghia, an AMC Gremlin, and a VW Fastback!

That's right, in addition to the Little Buckaroo Baja Bug, Frogmasters MGB-GT, and the 'No Fat Shiksas' Team Israel Opel GT that we've seen at previous LeMons Texas races, we'll have Team ROADKILL in an armadillo-fied Volkswagen Type 3 Fastback, Mostly Harmless Racing in a Douglas Adams-ized Karmann Ghia, Substandard Racing's AMC Gremlin, not to mention a pair of Mustang IIs, a Triumph TR7, and several pickup trucks.


For you fans of the Nissan Z, we'll have eight of our favorite failure-prone Japanese sports cars testing the limits of wrenching endurance (and making occasional on-track appearance). Six Mazda RX-7s, ten apiece Fox Mustangs and BMW E30s, and the usual assortment of head-gasket-challenged Hondas will keep it looking like your normal LeMons race. I'll be there, Judge Lieberman will be there, and the Rally Ready crew, fresh from another Pike's Peak victory in their Evo, will be helping us mete out punishments in the Penalty Box. And speaking of the Penalty Box, we've decided to step up the cruelty a few notches for this race due to the largest-ever number of cars in LeMons history. That's right, 136 teams have been accepted, and that can mean only one thing: the entire course at MSR will be used this time, which should enable those overpowered, ill-handling Mustangs and Camaros to fly off the track like never before! Here's the closest thing to a complete list of entrants that I could get out of LeMons HQ, sorted by vehicle year of manufacture:

Little Buckaroo, 1968 VW Baja Bug
Mostly Harmless Racing, 1969 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia
Never Give Up, 1971 BMW 1602
Team ROADKILL, 1971 Volkwagen Type III Fastback
Team Israel, 1972 Opel GT 3
Substandard Racing, 1973 AMC Gremlin
inglorious bastards racing, 1973 Datsun 240Z
Nickels or Nothing, 1973 Datsun 240Z
Fat Bastard Racing, 1974 Datsun 260Z
Jewish Defense League BMW, 1976 BMW 2002
Brass Burro Racing, 1976 Ford Mustang II
MustangIInicorn, 1977 Ford Mustang II
Apex Vinyl TX Racing, 1977 Toyota Hilux
Black Knight Racing: It's Just A Flesh Wound, 1978 Triumph TR7
Live Oak Nudist Resort II, 1979 BMW 320i
Property Devaluation Racing II, 1979 Ford Fairmont Wagon
Bayou Degradable, 1979 Ford Pinto wagon
Rum Runners, 1980 Chevy Malibu Classic
NASTYCAR Crapsman Truck, 1980 Mazda B-2000
Ghetto Motorsports, 1980 Mazda RX-7
Poage Ma Thoin Racing, 1981 Fiat Brava
The Whip-its, 1981 Nissan 280ZX
Team Heffer-Weizen, 1981 Volkswagen Scirocco
Organic Z, 1982 Datsun 280ZX
RustBucketRacers, 1982 Mercedes-Benz 300SD
Team Iron Butt Racing, 1982 Toyota Supra
GT $500 Racing, 1982 Toyota Celica GT
Team Supraleggera, 1983 Toyota Supra
Schrödinger's Crapbox, 1984 Audi GT Coupe
WT Motorsports, 1984 BMW 535i
Rust Pirate Racing, 1984 Chevrolet Camaro
NSF Racing * Holy Crap We have a Honda CRX *, 1984 Honda CRX
Guano by Desmodus Rufus dump# 2, 1984 Mazda RX-7
MJ-HAGBROS, 1984 Mazda RX-7
Margarita, 1984 Mazda RX-7
Team Blue Goose 2, 1984 VW Rabbit
Der Hoff, 1985 BMW 325
Piranha Racing, 1985 BMW 325e
Sheila and the Sheikhs, 1985 Ford Mustang
Team NAFTA, 1985 Ford Mustang
The UNDERGROUND, 1985 Nissan 300 ZX Turbo
Team Clunker (Stimulus wuz denied), 1985 Nissan 300ZX
HAR-HAR Racing, 1985 Toyota MR2
They Ain't Right Racing, 1985 Toyota MR2
Bulverde Bio Boys (Greenpiece O'Crap), 1985 Volvo 740 Turbo Diesel
Polizei und Banditen, 1986 BMW 325e
Prison Break Racing, 1986 BMW 325e
Out of Town Racing, 1986 BMW 325ese
Los Cucaroches, 1986 Ford Mustang
TDH OLD SCHOOL, 1986 Ford Mustang
Bangers and Mash, 1986 Honda Prelude
Ritual Killing Motorsports, 1986 Nissan 200sx
Team Flying Wrench, 1986 Nissan 300ZX 2+2
Tobacco Advocacy Racing Program, 1986 Toyota MR2
Turd Burglars, 1986 Toyota MR2
Alamo City Rollers, 1987 BMW 325e's mangina monologues, 1987 Chevrolet Camaro
Team Blue Goose 1, 1987 Honda CRX
Guild of Calamitous Intent, 1987 Mazda RX-7
Team Sensory Assault , 1987 Mazda RX-7
The SCHWING Team, 1987 Toyota Corolla FX16
Johansson Brothers - Flying Monkey Racing, 1987 Toyota Supra
Race Hard Race Ugly soot, 1988 BMW 325is
Race Hard Race Uglier, 1988 BMW 325ish
Team Festivus, 1988 Ford Festiva
Cupcake Racing, 1988 Ford Thunderbird
I GOTTA P, 1988 Honda Prelude
Flying Hyoondai, 1988 Merkuer XR4Ti
Don't Know Jack, 1989 Acura Integra
Hooters Dirty South Racing Team, 1989 BMW 535i
State Pooper, 1989 Ford Mustang
Red Rocket Ratnest Revival , 1989 Ford Taurus SHO
Dirty Some Beaches, 1989 Honda Wag-O-Van
Ludicrous Speed!, 1989 Volkswagen Jetta GLi
TnT Racing, 1989 Volkswagen Golf
Unintended Acceleration - Audi, 1990 Audi 90 Quattro
Team Kachow, 1990 Eagle Talon
Junk Punch Racing, 1990 Ford Mustang
Property Devaluation Racing, 1990 ford mustang
Kentucky Fried Racing, 1990 Honda Civic
Team Miagra, 1990 Mazda Miata
LBB Racing Presents: Magnum P.O.S., 1990 Nissan 240SX
TiredBird Racing, 1990 Pontiac Firebird
Team Sour Puss, 1991 Acura Integra
Shrimp Boots, 1991 BMW 325i
Shake and Bake (Dennit Racing), 1991 Ford Mustang
WHC (Woman Hater's Club), 1991 Geo Storm
Rolling Chicane Racing, 1991 Honda Civic
Hondookie, 1991 Honda CRX
Apex Vinyl Driving then Drinking, 1991 Isuzu Impulse
Lost in The Dark, 1991 Mazda Miata
Pucker Factor Racing, 1991 Nissan Sentra SE-R
El Toro Loco, 1992 Ford Taurus
Team Zip Tie, 1992 Ford Taurus SHO
Turd Monkey, 1992 Ford Tempo
Academics Drives Dreams, 1992 Geo Prism
Team Mazdaratti, 1992 Mazda Protege
Team Screwdriver, 1992 Nissan Sentra
800-2B-Petty, 1992 Pontiac Grand Prix
King Fu and the Fu King Racers, 1992 Toyota Paseo
Normal Y Ass Parade D, 1992 Toyota Paseo
longhorn raceworks, 1992 Toyota Celica
The Bastardos de LeMons, 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII
Starsky and Hooch , 1993 Nissan Sentra SER
Red or Green, 1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse
Gideons Gone Wild (GGW) Racing, 1994 BMW 3 series
Team RSC, 1994 Eagle Talon
Stick Pony Racing, 1994 Ford Mustang
Broner Motorsports, 1994 Ford Probe
Advance Team, 1994 Honda Civic
Prancing Donkey, 1995 Acura Integra
Revolutionary Racing, 1995 BMW 3 series
TetanusNeon, 1995 Dodge Neon
Swine Flew Raycing, 1995 Infiniti J30
EcoloTeam, 1995 Toyota Celica
Dogged Racing, 1996 Ford Probe
Speed Racer...Y'all, 1996 Saturn Sl2
Unintended Acceleration - Miata, 1997 Mazda Miata
Hoosier Daddy, 1997 Mitsubishi Galant
SnafuRacing's Fancy Lawnmower, 1997 Plymouth Neon
Team JB-Weld, 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix SE
Airwolf Neon , 1998 Dodge Neon
FUBAR Racing, 1998 Ford Escort
Weezer Racing, 1998 Ford Escort
Speed Racer & the Racing RedneX, 1998 Ford Mustang
Union Jack Racing, 2005 Mini Cooper
James Bondo
Live Oak Nudist Resort
Circus Maxima-s
FMJ Motorsports
Secret Society of Skanks and Bitches
Team Beaver Hunt Racing Midwest

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Murilee, I think you need to do a post (at the end of the LeMons season) of all of the IOE winners, and maybe do a poll on which one is the commentariants favorites. Can you ever remember when there is so many really great choices?

- A Lada Signet

- An odd looking BMW E12

- A 1962 Mini

- My 1963 Corvair

- A 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix

- A 1991 Cadillac Eldorado

- A 1972 Ford LTD Convertible

- A 1972 Opel GT

- And a Datsun B210 from Late Last Year.

I wonder what the last few races will bring. #24hoursoflemonstexas