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Houston LeMons Miscreants Beware: Judges Coming After You In Pike's Peak Winning Evo!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You read that correctly, racers: 24 Hours Of LeMons Supreme Court Justices Martin and Loverman will be in full gavel-pounding, cheater-busting effect at the Yeehaw It's LeMons Texas 2008 race, and this time we've got an Official Judicial Vehicle to enable us to get a real close look at your bad on-track behavior: the Rally Ready Mitsubishi Evo VI that won the Open class at the 2008 Pike's Peak Hill Climb race. That's right, Rally Ready Motorsports is bringing the race car out from Austin, with a squad of their best drivers to keep us in the thick of the action, ensuring that miscreants can't hide, nor run, from those well-deserved black flags. And (heh, heh), we've got some extra-cruelfair new punishments in store for racetrack lawbreakers!