Brammo Enertia Plus: 80 Miles Of All-Electric Power

If you loved the original Brammo Enertia, you'll love the new-for-2011 Brammo Enertia Plus. Brammo's newest 'cycle doubles the original's range to 80 miles of all-electric riding for just $8,995.


Potential buyers of electric motorcycles apparently have the same concerns buyers of electric cars have — a feeling of anxiety over range. With a range of 40 miles, the original Enertia just barely provided what most consumers needed and not an extra mile to spare. Thanks to a new range-doubling 6.0 KwH Li-Ion battery (the original Enertia was a mere 3.1 KwH), Brammo's hoping the Enertia Plus can finally be seen as the ultimate commuter bike.

Brammo says HP and torque remain unchanged from the original Enertia which eked out 18 HP and 28 lb-ft from the Brushless Permanent Magnet Electric motor. Although the top speed of the original was listed at 55 MPH, our sometimes-very-own Wes Siler managed 65 MPH going uphill on the Williamsburg Bridge. Thanks to some kind of shrink ray, they figured out how to make that double-sized battery fit in the same amount of space and with the same weight (Tesla, take note) as the one found in the Enertia — so we'll expect the top speed to similarly unchanged.

Now to the price. It's $8,995 but there's a couple of pricing deals you might be able to take advantage of to drop that price even lower. For starters, the Enertia Plus gets all of the same federal and state tax incentives the original received. And wait, there's more — at least if you're an existing Enertia owner. You're eligible for a Brammo loyalty rebate of $2500 when purchasing the Enertia Plus during 2011. Not too shabby if you ask us. Video below:

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