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Brammo Enertia Electric Motorcycle Reduces Price To $7,995

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Making the Tesla Roadster look even more ridiculous, the Oregon-made Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle just dropped its price from $11,995 to $7,995. How? They plan to sell 10,000 of them a year, that's how.


Assuming you pay taxes, the Enertia can be even cheaper, qualifying for a 10% federal income tax credit that brings the price down to just $7,195. Best Buy will even finance one for you.

I've ridden the Enertia and think it could be the ideal way to commute in and around cities. I managed 65mph up a hill and the tall, slim seat makes it an ideal platform from which to dodge cagers. Unlike a lot of other electric bikes, this one's way overbuilt with a reliable brushless motor (road grime won't foul it like it will a brushed design) and fancy motorcycle components like 41mm Marzocchi forks. It makes 18 HP and 28 Lb-Ft of torque and the battery lasts about 42 miles on a full charge. Running costs, including fill ups, will amount to pocket change.


This is sort of a watershed moment of electric transportation which, in the last year, has been gathering far more steam on two wheels than it has on four. Taking the running costs and super cheap insurance into account, the Enertia now has price parity with many gasoline-driven motorcycles. If electric vehicles are going to find mass market acceptance in the near future, this is the vehicle that's going to do it for them. [Brammo via HFL]