BMW Slaps Audi Dealership With Giant Billboard

The wall above Audi of Hong Kong is so gigantic it visually consumes their dealership. BMW clearly understood that, buying the space to use for a gigantic middle finger-like billboard over their German competitor. The billboard wars just went global.

This whole tête-à-tête started last April when Audi put up a small billboard in California that said "Your move, BMW" with a picture of the Audi A4. BMW fired back with a giant picture of an M3 with the word "Checkmate" above it. Audi re-responded and that was the end of it until now.


Almost one year later BMW seems to have its response with an advertisement for the new 5-series above the Hong Kong Audi dealership. There's no explicit call out, but the BMW message is clear: you are our bitches.

Whether this was coordinated as a response to Audi's billboard or just an example of the cutthroat world of Asian car advertising is unclear. All we know is we can't wait to see how Audi responds. Full image below.


(Hat tip to Eric for noticing this and to Chris Junker for the great photo!)

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