'Brand dilution? What brand dilution? We've got cars to sell to people that want 'em!' Somewhere, that's written down in BMW's headquarters as we learn almost anything is on the table as they attempt to tighten their vice grip around the premium market.

After the unveil of the 2-series models, BMW director of sales Ian Robertson told a group of reporters that BMW wants to expand its M line to include potential customers in harsher climates. People in New York and Colorado buy BMWs, he says, but 80% of them have all-wheel drive.

Since M makes money for BMW, BMW wants to win some M converts. Robertson stopped short of saying that an all-wheel drive M model was under investigation, but he didn't say no, either.


"Technology is moving up and we want to appeal to a slightly different customer base," he says. "These cars now come with turbo technology when in the past it was naturally aspirated. Now we can get the benefits of it."

As someone who was caught in the polar vortex last week, I guess an AWD performance car wouldn't be so bad, but I don't want BMW to be the one to do it. Just keep them RWD and I'll drive a beater in the winter if I really want to get down on all fours.