BMW i Remote Will Be The First Car App For The Apple Watch

It won't take much for developers to port existing iOS apps over to the Apple Watch, and it looks like BMW is the first out of the gate with its i Remote App for the i3 and i8.

The BMW app got a brief cameo in the latest spot for Apple's new toy, and in addition to keeping tabs on charging status, BMW owners should be able to set the interior temp, lock and unlock the doors, flash the headlights, and honk the horn through the app. Being able to set charge times for off-peak hours should also be included, along with finding the car's location and scouting charging stations along the route.


Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted at some of this functionality in a recent interview, and Hyundai has already begun offering similar functionality using Android Wear, the Apple Watch's closest competitor.

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ah yes the douchiest fashion accessory for the douchiest of car owners, I'd say Apple and BMW know their market very well

(P.S. I have owned and love BMWs but we all know the majority of BMWs out on leases are to douchebags. My statements do not apply to those who buy used off lease BMWs)