Blog Hoonage: Making Faces

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• It's everything you (and we) have ever dreamed of — forty-five minutes of video showcasing Wert's awkwardly adorable not-really-angry look of concentration. Oh, and as we already knew, Charlie Gibson was there, too. [Autoblog]
• You can only drive like an asshole in LA so long before someone snaps a picture, publishes it on their blog along with your license plate and the exact reason why you suck at life. [L.A. Can't Drive]
• We already knew that Texans can't drive in the snow. We do, however, dig graphs and hastily-p-chopped Simpsons' characters. [OwenBloggers]
• This dude loves his Audi because who the hell wouldn't want Bo and Luke Dukesnauser's car? [Car Craft Magazine]
• The most painful part of buying a new car: the dealership finance manager. [SaysUncle]
• It's almost never a good idea to run from the police after they've pulled you over, let alone doing it whilst stripping down to your skivvies. [Houstonist]


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