Blastolene B702

Sneaky Pete got us thinking about Blastolene cars and we were shocked to discover we had never really talked about the Blastolene B-702 before. Sure Murilee referenced it when talking about its epic 702 cubic inch GMC Twin Six V12, but what about the car itself? The B-702 is a hand-crafted super sized monster with an aluminum body stretched over wood supports, hand fabricated interior, and a prominently featured plate glass grille. That giant V12 turns out 650 lb.ft. of torque at only 850 rpm.

The fact that the car is 20 feet long and almost eight feet wide, yet only tips the scales at 4,500 lbs blows out fragile little minds. See what aluminum will do for you? This beast went on the blocks recently at a BJ auction and sold for the fire sale price of $475,000. Convenient if you want to roll in style while towing your yacht to the slip. [Blastolene and Buzzini]

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