Black Is In, Yellow Is Out When It Comes To Used Car Color Preferences

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According to a somewhat non-scientific report by used car retailer CarMax, Black was the most frequently searched color for used car buyers in February with 36% of all searches, followed by white with 17%, blue with 11% and red with 10%. The four least popular colors were silver with 9%, gray with 6%, green with 4% and yellow with 2%. Sorry about that Nick Hogan, apparently our "what's your favorite black car? QOTD is changing minds. Press release below the jump.


RICHMOND, Va. (March 11, 2008) - CarMax, Inc. (NYSE: KMX) the nation's largest retailer of used cars, reports the color black has topped the list as the most popular color for vehicle searches conducted on in February.

"We find color choice is a very important consideration for customers when car shopping," said Mark Simmons, Purchasing Manager in San Diego, California. "I am not surprised that black tops the list. The color black looks good on nearly every make and model."

Used car shoppers' top five color choices for online searches in February were:

Color Choice Percent of Searches
Black 36%
White 17%
Blue 11%
Red 10%
Silver 9%

Other colors of interest to online shoppers included gray (6%), green (4%) and yellow (2%).

Online shoppers can use the CarMax website to search the company's inventory of more than 25,000 new and used cars. The website showcases each vehicle with multiple photos, the no-haggle price, and information on features, options, fuel economy and customer reviews. In fiscal 2008, averaged more than five million visits per month. Additionally, approximately 70 percent of in-store customers visited the website before coming to the store.


[Source: CarMax]

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Rob Emslie

This does not bode well for the Clinton and McCain campaigns.