Bizarre Crash In Finland Shows The Ridiculousness Of Rallying

Yazeed Al-Rajhi is the Saudi chairman of a real estate investing company, because Saudi Arabia, and a racing driver in the WRC-2 rally championship. He had a bit of an off at the Rally Finland this weekend, but his crash is even weirder than the one Robert Kubica had.


Al-Rajhi was racing through the 21st special stage when he ran off the course after an attempted turn through a tight left bend. He proceeds to not only completely take out what looks to be a television camera, but the cameraman as well. Not to worry, though, as the cameraman just pops up like nothing happened, because rally.

I'm pretty sure if you agree to one of those gigs, you must somehow medically demonstrate that you are indestructible.

This kind of off-course adventure happens all the time though in this sport, so Al-Rajhi just picks up from where he left, does a donut to the delight of the crowd, and heads right back onto the course... and into a ditch.

The crowd goes wild.

Al-Rajhi waves over a bunch of spectators, including a shirtless guy in a cowboy hat (maybe a Raggare?) to help lift his car out of the ditch. Of course, in the process they end up setting the local scenery on fire, because rally.


The whole scene doesn't end without Al-Rajhi's co-driver, Michael Orr, seemingly forgetting something behind and a fan is forced to run up and give it to him. Cue their exit stage left, in a spitting, buzzing exit of rally glory.


To be fair, this is Al-Rajhi's first trip back to the WRC circuit since an accident in March when he broke his back. Maybe he's a bit rusty.

Rally is awesome.

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Further proof that money can't buy talent.