Beyoncé Chose A Porsche 914 For That Famous Pregnancy Photo

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Beyoncé has taken the traditional route to announcing her pregnancy with twins: by posing atop the usual Porsche 914 converted into a planter.


It is much better than those black-and-white pregnancy photos on a beach with the woman wearing an open white button down while the dad embraces the stomach with a closed-eye stupid look of forced bliss. You know the kind. This is way better.

Two things worth noting: I had no idea that removable roof could support the weight of a full-grown Beyoncé with two embryos, and second, a 914 makes an excellent choice for a planter thanks to its twin luggage compartments. (Twins! Get it!)


Though the height of the rear body suggests this one has no drivetrain, it’s worth noting that you could have a drivable 914 with two fully-planted gardens, front and rear.

You can see the image on Beyoncé’s website if you wish further study.

(Flower hat tip to Joshua!)

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Ash78, voting early and often

Are you sure that’s not a Toyota? Because I’m pretty sure it has a JZ inside.