Show Us The Cancelled Concepts That Should Have Made It

The automotive industry keeps teasing the public with interesting concept cars that were never intended for production, and that is fine. We say wow, they feel special, and than sell you an Accord instead of an NSX. It's okay, as the Accord is better for transporting your kids, and tree huggers won't bother you… » 12/31/12 1:30pm 12/31/12 1:30pm

Nice Price Or Crack Pipe: Factory Racer Porsche 914-6 For $325,000?

We had the Herbie The Love Bug replica score a 44% on the Crack-Pipe-O-Meter™ last Friday, but that was due to 21% of the vote going to "other", thanks to a poll glitch. Today we're going with a car that most likely earns an approval rating of about 99.9999% from our readers: a factory-built Porsche 914-6 race car… » 12/01/08 8:00am 12/01/08 8:00am

German Beaters Colonize The Streets Of Berkeley, France Considers…

This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition » 11/14/08 10:30am 11/14/08 10:30am, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the . In addition to being a and , is also a devoted DOTSBE hunter. This time his travels have taken him to Berkeley (which may rival nearby Alameda in terms of Cool Old Cars Per Square Mile,…

PCH, No Escape From Engine-Swapped Porsches Edition: VR6 914 or Corvair…

Perhaps you breathed a sigh of relief after Chevy-Powered Porsche Hell was over with, figuring that (with the small-block-motivated 911 winning so decisively) you would be spared the temptation of a hacked-up Porsche sporting a non-Stuttgart engine for quite a while. However Project Car Hell doesn't work that way;… » 4/23/08 5:20pm 4/23/08 5:20pm

This 914 Sounds Like "A Gay Deep Throated Angry Demon!"

What we have here is a 1974 Porsche 914 with a Chevy 350 engine and a Ferrari-influenced body kit, sort of a German Malaise version of the Fierrari. The owner needs to sell because he's "just sick," plus he's accepted a lifetime career opportunity in NYC and, you know, "Goodness only knows what insurance would cost… » 4/21/08 8:00am 4/21/08 8:00am