Bended Enzo Roundup

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So you know, you kids today have been all over the Enzo back-halved early this morning on PCH. So in the interest of giving the people what they want, (and because we've got a mad case of writer's block today), we've compiled a list of all of the pertinent Busted-Ass Enzo news. Thanks to everyone who wrote in on this one. You all get a mushroom-and-Swiss sandwich and a sloppy kiss from the Gawker Media editor of your choice. Chronological development after the jump.

First, early riser Manuel reports in with an e-mail so frantic he managed to misspell things, noting that he heard about it via KTLA.


Then Paul sends us a mother lode of pics taken on his way to work, a couple of which are so good, the LA Times wants copies.

Hot on top of that, our resident modern lover, ThnderbltDoherty, tips us off to a French story relating that the driver hadflown the coop, leaving the passenger behind, which was backed up by Tony's story from ABC7.

Jacob weighs in next with uncredited quotes:

"One man suffered minor injuries. He was identified as Stefan Erikssen, of Bel-Air, said Sgt. Philip Brooks of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department."

"The fact (is) that the passenger is the registered owner of the vehicle, from the Beverly Hills-Bel Air area. The passenger had blood on his mouth and both airbags on the car deployed, but only the driver's side airbag had blood on it, not the passenger side," said Sgt. Phillip Brooks."

So the truth appears to be that he 'claimed' to be the passenger but is the owner and most likely the one driving at the time of the crash... He was the only one injured and left his own blood on the driver airbag...a simple DNA test, and it's [an] open/closed case


And finally, Patrick, who's just up the 405 from our San Pedro hideout quotes an NBC4 story, and posits his own question:

Hello. Love your site, and knew it would be a great source of info and commentary on the developing Enzo vs. Pacific Coast Highway story (which is local news for me...I started tracking it at 6:45 this morning as I headed off on my commute through west L.A.)

So, local news is saying that the owner of the Enzo in question is one Stefan Erikssen (NBC4's spelling) who is being described as a 44-year-old "Swedish national." A quick Google search leads me to this question: could this be Stefan Erickson, the former Gizmondo executive and reputed Swedish mobster?


So there you have it, ladies and gents, more broke-dick Enzo news than you can shake at. Still questions to be answered. We'll keep you posted.