Ferrari Crash on PCH: Lots of Pieces, No Injuries Reported

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A quick-fingered reader sent us this post from his LA outpost:

Hot off the press, [Malibu,CA], 6:08am, A high end ferrari is strunned [strewn?] accross [sic] Pacific Coast Highway near Dekkar Canyon. The engine is a few hunderd [sic] yards away from what's left of the body. They estimate they were doing 200mph before they took out the telephone pole. It's on KTLA Chanel 11. Two guys survived with no injuries. It looks like they were just getting back from a night out.

C'mon Lindsay. If you're gonna borrow Britney's Ferrari, at least keep it to under 150. You know how hard it is to take those PCH corners with one eye shut. More to come. [Thanks to Manuel for the tip.]