While many motorcycle enthusiasts flock to Austin each April for the MotoGP action going on at Circuit of The Americas, Revival Cycles continues to draw quite the crowd for their annual Handbuilt Motorcycle Show.

For the fifth year, the show has featured a ton of builders and craftsmen who make your usual two-wheeled weekender seem boring. This past weekend, the show moved from Fair Market in downtown Austin to the Austin American-Statesman headquarters, with way more space to showcase the finest custom bikes and accessories you’ll see.

After doing my thing shooting the fast things at COTA on Friday (and of course, throughout the weekend out there), I popped by the show to snap a few pics.

Here are a bunch that I liked. Take it all in.

That’s a turbo hidden under the seat of this Moto Guzzi
dat stitching tho
Probably not very comfortable, but definitely cool.
I need this for the puppers.
Velomacchi makes this wicked drone setup
Kill Marks Are Cool.
Clear wheel? Clear wheel.
I got wood.
While not a bike, this beast is part of the Revival Cycles fleet. I need to learn more about this.

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