All photos credit: Kurt Bradley

Intense competition among the top-five riders in every practice session and a three-spot grid penalty for blocking Maverick Viñales during qualifying couldn’t slow down Marc Marquez at Circuit of The Americas. Overcoming the odds, Marquez somehow found his way through the field and onto the top step of the podium for the MotoGP race in Austin for the sixth consecutive year.

While he had to start fourth, it only took 11 turns of the first lap for Marquez to get to the front of the field. From there, he ran away to take the win in front of a massive crowd chanting his name as he crossed the finish line.

Marquez has faced a different lead challengers each year MotoGP has come to Austin, and somehow keeps fending them off. At this point, he should just be declared the governor and be able to assume leadership of the Great State of Texas immediately, as he basically owns this track and any rider who dares to try to take his throne.

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