Become an Intellectual Property Rights Flaunting Pimp for $35,000!

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Are you outgoing, or just like going out? Do you have any problem with driving the automotive equivalent of a back-alley Rolex? Well then poseur, Nice Price or Crack Pipe wants to hook you up with a roy-al with cheese.

It turned out the smart thing to do yesterday was to drop the Crack Pipe bomb on the '04 Smart Roadster, and a blistering 85% of you did just that - smart alecks. Drivetrain issues, and the added cost of federalizing the car drove the vote down to cracktown, where it was quickly picked up by the INS and deported back from whence it came. Lacking either of those problems might have sent the results in a different direction, and that car would still stand out from the crowd, as there's nothing like it on the road over here. Another standout is offered up today, and it's DMV-legal to drive on the streets, although doing so might violate some sort of anti-solicitation zoning laws.


Clenet, Excalibur, Zimmer, Scott Brown- there are many out there masquerading as something they're not, and lots of people are seeking that special ride that one-ups the neighbors - a unique expression of their individuality. Well, if you're looking to donkey punch the folks next door, check out this Royal Ride 300 Sport from Posh Spice Limousines.

Starting with a Chrysler 300, Posh then slathers on a layer of faux Rolls Royce Phantom and tops it off with a maraschino cherry of a two-toned paint job. That and the 22" donked rims will get your pimpy sense a tingling, as will the shaved doors, which have gained amazing Lambo powers in the fronts.


The shadow lain by the RR 300 Sport is 11-inches longer than that of the stock Chrysler sedan, most of that coming from the baby-got-back trunk extension. This car puts the Boot in Boo-tay, the ill in the grille, and the Royal in the Ride.


Up front, there's cat's eyes bookending the flying lady and a laid-back take on the Phantom's traditional grille above a squared-off bumper. With windows tinted darker than Trent Reznor lyrics, your neighbors will just have to guess about what's going on inside. That is until you flip up the doors and give them a peek at the interior which carries on with the two-tone theme, and carrying more trademark-infringing double-R logos than you can shake a lawyer at. A claimed 50K on the clock means the car's barely even broken in, and while you'd think that a sled with this kind of presence would be rocking the 300C's hemi V8, a quick check of the VIN shows that under all the glam, there's very little ram as it has only the 3.5-litre V6 to shake its money maker.


While it's hard to fully grasp the unique qualities of the Royal Ride 300 Sport from mere pictures, Posh president Gio has helpfully provided a video as well. If you've got six minutes to spare, and really like taking hookers to the opera, it's worth watching, if just for the star wipes alone:

All that work, all that elegance, and now it could be yours for $35,000. What would you use it for? Well, there's the aforementioned pimportation, as well as one-up-ing the neighbors. Should you be a Thug for Life Posh Limos wants to hear from you. And you don't have to stop at that purchase price, as Posh will be happy to add suicide doors for an additional $3,500, or, for another $35K, they'll turn it into a limo for you.


So, do you think that $35,000 for a Faux-lls Royce 300 sounds like a deal? Or, does the Royal Ride raise your ranker regardless of remuneration?

You decide!


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