Bear Breaks Into Subaru to Eat Miniature Candy Versions of Itself

We regret to inform you that last month, we missed this incredibly important news of yet another bear breaking into yet another Subaru. As bloggers truly and wholly devoted to the “Bears Breaking Into Subarus” beat, delivering this news to you a month late deeply saddens us.

Alas, another bear has broken into another Subaru, yet again in Colorado. CBS 4 Denver reported from the town Breckenridge, Colorado last month that a 2014 Subaru Forester was the latest bear target, thanks to gummy bears left in a gift basket in the car overnight and the fact that bears love busting into Subarus. (We at Jalopnik have done an extensive brainstorming session on why this is the case, which resulted in a bunch of nonsense, as usual. We tried.)


The car’s owner, Cate Siegel, gave an interview with CBS 4 Denver, and was about as casual as a person could possibly be in a video interview about their completely trashed, relatively new car:

From the outside her, 2014 Subaru Forester looks fully intact. Inside you can see just how much damage this bear really did.

“Even left a little surprise in the backseat,” she laughed. [...]

Living in the mountains, she says they are always cautious about locking up trash and try to do the same with the doors but in this instance, she says she let her guard down.

“Lesson learned,” she said.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife department, CBS 4 Denver said, offered the advice for “those living in bear country to be ‘bear aware.’”

Of course, Colorado residents could help alleviate some bear break-ins by not buying Subarus, but then the bears would all migrate our way. Never mind.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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