Illustration for article titled BBC Cancels Last Episodes Of iTop Gear/i Season Amid Clarkson Fracas

When will we get to see the final three episodes of this season of Top Gear? Thanks to the scandal I've nicknamed "ClarksonFacePunchGate" (alternatively: "ClarksonFacePunchGhazi"), not anytime soon.


While the BBC had previously said they were merely postponing the last three unaired episodes of the season, the BBC News reports that the network is now expected to scrap them entirely rather than air them at a later date.


The decision was made in the aftermath of an incident where host Jeremy Clarkson apparently punched a producer in the face. Meanwhile, Clarkson has mostly been joking about the matter on Twitter while his fate at the BBC — and that of his famous show — remains uncertain.

A quick reminder, Jeremy: you can always come work for us instead. I have a long list of people you can punch in the face.

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