So I was hanging with Adrian, Plymouth Belvedere and Serro Scotty King the other day, and he mentioned that he has a trashed-but-running '65 Belvedere that he wants to run in next year's 24 Hours of LeMons. Did I feel like lending some driving and wrenching help? It sounded good, but those fade-o-riffic mid-60s drum brakes would be nonfunctional by the second lap and on fire by the third, meaning every disc-brake-equipped Tercel and Maxima would run circles around the old Plymouth. "Not to worry!" says Adrian, "Discs off mid-70s A-Bodies are a bolt-on!" And, whaddya know, he's right- just find a common-as-dirt '73-76 Valiant or Dart and you've got everything you need to turn a Poly 318 Belvedere into a race car! []