Backyard Lambo Of The Day: The Missouri Olds Toronado-fied Countach

Nobody seems sick of this series after one repetition, so we're back for more homebuilt Lamborghini glory today! What we've got here is not a Fieroborghini; much like the Indiana Turbo Buick Countach, this Fauxborghini is based on a tube-frame chassis. The best part? The powerplant: a torque-brute 425 engine and front-wheel-drive transaxle from a 1960s Oldsmobile Toronado, installed amidships just like a real Lambo! Unlike a real Lambo, it's a 3-speed automatic, but gear selection is pretty much irrelevant with an Olds big-block. Sure, maybe the handling and braking isn't up to Lamborghini standards, but acceleration and top speed should be outstanding, what with 360 (or more) Olds ponies behind you.


[Craigslist Kansas City, go here if the ad disappears]

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