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We of the amoeba-sized attention span here in the blogosphere had moved on from the Thomas L. Friedman-vs.-Iron-Maiden-bassist pissing contest of last week, but Sweet Peet D.'s just weighed in on the topic, and he's got lots to say that, well, he's said before, and tosses off the line, "Much to the Detroit-haters' chagrin, this country simply couldn't function without the wide array of vehicles that the Detroit car companies make." Wait, work crews couldn't drive Unimogs? Truckers couldn't drive Volvos or DAFs? Europe seems to have gotten along just fine without American-spec vehicles.

While we agree with many of Peet's assertions on Friedman, his Detroit-centric worldview and constant bashing of Toyota makes us tired. Detroit needs a champion, but Detroit also has an image problem that's still not being addressed other than by dippy slogans like "Red, White & Bold." Which may as well be "Crimson Helvetica Neue Black on a Nice Bright Sheet of Bond." At least the WTF factor would get people to sit up and take notice.

Meanwhile, he offers up combolations to Steve Harris for standing up to Friedman, but claims that the PR Honcho was too wimpy.

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