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GM PR Hombre Steve Harris throws down the gauntlet and slaps none other than the august figure of Thomas L. Friedman of the New York Times across the face with a white glove in his latest bit on GM's FYI blog, and well, because we could care less about where Spinelli lives, we haven't read Friedman's subscription-only rant, so all we have to go on is the erstwhile Iron Maiden bassist's response. And although there's a spin quotient in Harris' post, we have to say that his criticisms of Toyota are pretty well on the mark, although the real-world economy numbers of GM's new trucks seem to be about as close to the EPA digits as Scarlett Johannson's rack is to Gerard Depardieu's moobs. [Thanks to Bobby for the tip.]

Hyperbole and Defamation in The New York Times [GM FYI]

Steve Harris Takes Top PR Spot at GM [Internal]


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